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S T A R C H I L D C H A R I T Y. C O M

Founded in 2012, Starchild is dedicated to helping better the lives of orphans in Uganda. 


STARCHILD aims to improve the quality of life for orphans in Uganda by providing shelter, healthcare, education, and love


Only in the darkness can we see the STARS....



Starchild is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporation: SC043787

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Starchild is a registered charity set up in memory of my adopted brother Frankie Marsh. Frankie's parents were both Ugandan. Frankie was adopted into our family at 13 months old, the same age as me. Sadly he died in a house fire at the age of 27 years. 


Starchild believes that every child deserves to be loved, cared for, clothed, fed and educated. With over two and a half million orphans in Uganda, sadly, many of these babies and children have no one to provide for even their basic needs.


Starchild’s main goal is to help bring aid to Uganda’s most vulnerable children.


Many of the babies in orphanages in Uganda have been dropped there, or brought there covered in mud or waste, others with the umbilical cords still uncut. Many of the new born babies are found abandoned in garbage heaps, in pit latrines, taxi parks, or by the roadside.


Many of the children are found to be in desperate need of medical attention. The homes and schools we support, try as much as they can to give them a life, love and all the attention they need, but most of these organisations, struggle with very limited resources. They rely on the generous donations of friends and well-wishers and the charitable work of dedicated volunteers to provide love, affection, security, medical care and education for the children.  Due to the instability of regular income, these organisations frequently face difficulties with affording to buy the basic essentials.


There are a number of on going projects and daily hurdles to overcome. 


Starchild and YOU are in a position to continue to help with some of these hurdles and challenges by organising fundraising events, private funding programs, leaving a legacy, sponsoring a child, giving in memory of a loved one, inviting public and private professionals and philanthropists to help and donate to this worthwhile cause.


Starchild has recently achieved its dream of building the Starchild School for Creative Arts. It is a first of its kind in Uganda and we are extremely proud of it. This school will give children an opportunity to explore their creativity and unlock hidden potentials.


Starchild has completed many projects in Uganda. Please use the links above to browse our pages and see the wonderful work we have done.

Michaela x