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S T A R C H I L D C H A R I T Y. C O M

Founded in 2012, Starchild is dedicated to helping better the lives of children & adults in Uganda. 


STARCHILD aims to improve the quality of life for by providing shelter, healthcare, education, and love


Only in the darkness can we see the STARS....



Starchild is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporation: SC043787

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C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S

Keeping Girls in School – Sanitary Care Project – Reproductive health

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Starchild provided biodegradable Makapads Sanitary Care to over 300 girls at Kubungo Secondary School  and St Francis Primary in Masaka. Starchild was delighted to be informed that the registration of girls at the schools has increased since our sanitary care program has been in place.

Art Packs

Made by ladies at Netherlee Church, Williamwood High School, Community Support Group children and teachers, and various individuals in our local community, Starchild was able to distribute these beautiful art packs full of goodies to schools and children’s homes in Uganda.

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Making Future Fashion Designers, Musicians and Artists of Uganda

Sewing machines, musical instruments and art supplies were shipped to our school and women’s project. These were donated by various individuals and TWAM ( Tools with A Mission)

Fabric and Art supplies have been given so the children can learn the creative arts

Our deepest thanks to Remnant Kings, Impact Arts and TWAM for all their incredible support.

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Starchild Loves Science

Over 40 Microscopes and various prepared slides were distributed to help with science classes.

Starchild is committed to encouraging girls to become scientists and hopes to work alongside St Andrew’s University to develop a Science Bridge Project to empower women in science in  Uganda . We also know that science is highly creative and encourage interdisciplinary arts and science. We are now making links with Lab 13 by Ignite and welcome their visit to our school next year.

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Mama Wa Mit Women’s Project in the Rwanda  district,  Jinja, Uganda

Starchild has helped to develop horticultural, poultry and tailoring projects for a group of over 60 vulnerable women and their children. This is part of our sustainable development goals. We are delighted at the progress these women have made. We purchased bags of seeds for them, including, kale, peppers, maize, beans and spinach. The harvest is distributed amongst the women’s group and helps to keeps their families fed. The surplus they sell at the markets or to local people. Starchild provided the women with fabric and sewing machines. This enabled the women to learn a skill. By making and mending garments, they can keep a roof over their heads. With surplus funds the ladies bought piglets. They are now breeding them. This is helping the women’s group work towards self-sufficiency and develop small businesses. We encourage more interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership on this project.

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