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S T A R C H I L D C H A R I T Y. C O M

Founded in 2012, Starchild is dedicated to helping better the lives of children & adults in Uganda. 


STARCHILD aims to improve the quality of life for by providing shelter, healthcare, education, and love


Only in the darkness can we see the STARS....



Starchild is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporation: SC043787

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‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’

       ~ Pablo Picasso

Finding the Star in every Child

Starchild has recently built a School for Creative Arts in Uganda and partnered with Grace Primary and Nursery School in Vvumba, Uganda.


Art, in all its forms is not only educational and entertaining but above all is inspirational; it heals wounds, and can promote understanding and peace. It can encourage a sense of identity and self worth. In the west, art has been recognised as a therapeutic approach to personal trauma and rehabilitation.


Sadly for many children in Uganda they will never get the opportunity to study the arts, hold a paint brush, touch a canvas or play an instrument. Starchild aims to change this.


Not all children are academically inclined. Sadly many, who are not, are classed as having learning difficulties and can be easily pushed aside in favour of the more academically inclined child. Such children often feel isolated, lonely and become depressed. Very often, based in the heart of these children is an ‘artist’ or a talent that is screaming to come out. Without opportunity to express this artistic nature, the talent can lay dormant, leading to anger and frustration being vented on the world, rather than the beauty that is trapped inside.


Such children often feel that they have little or no hope of making a living because they are not so good at the three r’s and therefore feel of little use to society. With a good arts program in place, these children can begin to get back some much needed self esteem and realise that they are of just as much value to society as a Doctor or a lawyer.


We believe that our School for Creative Arts Centre in Uganda could attract support and interest from artists, art therapists and festivals across the glove. The power of arts to communicate, inspire and heal is now widely recognised.


Starchild believes that such a centre can transform the lives of those it touches. International artists will learn a great deal from Ugandan Arts and Culture which would be encouraged and promoted through this program. It will attract the attention of the international community and as a result encourage artists from all walks of life to visit the centre, participate and inspire the children


Starchild hopes that now this project is in place it will attract funding from many sources. Starchild have artists ready and willing to work with the children and this network could grow quickly. As part of an artist residency at the school, they will present not only to local people but be taking back to the West what they have learned, building understanding and in part acting as ambassadors of peace and of healing through the arts.