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S T A R C H I L D C H A R I T Y. C O M

Founded in 2012, Starchild is dedicated to helping better the lives of children & adults in Uganda. 


STARCHILD aims to improve the quality of life for by providing shelter, healthcare, education, and love


Only in the darkness can we see the STARS....



Starchild is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporation: SC043787

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LAWRENCE is one of the many orphans who was lucky enough to find shelter at Sanyu Babies Home. When he arrived, he had a hernia that size of a coconut - desperately in need of surgery. With the monies raised from our very first endeavour, we were able to pay for this life saving surgery. He was a bit grumpy after his operation, but Rony soon had him laughing again. What surprised us the most, was that after only one day, Lawrence was playing with the other children in a sandpit! We were humbled by Lawrence's acceptance of his wound, and his ability to simply get on with it. He was cared for in every way by the Mammas,  but in no way overly pampered or spoiled. It was a joy to be able to change this child's life, and to watch him blossom and grow.


F U T U R E,  P A S T, and  P R E S E N T   P R O J E C T S

Sanyu Babies Home had no idea that Frankie died in a fire when they asked if we would consider putting FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT into the Home. It was the last thing that we imagined they would need. However, as we were to learn, there are many fires in Uganda. Some are caused by faulty electrical installations, fierce electrical storms, and power failures. Ironically, Frankie died because of a rare power failure in Glasgow. As you can imagine we were more than happy to arrange and pay for the installation of fire fighting equipment to help keep the babies safe. With the monies raised we were able to put in four lovely new Fire Extinguisers, and buy lots and lots of batteries for Smoke Detectors. When we went to meet the Fire Masters at the Home the day they were installing the equipment, the Sister Sledge hit song, 'FRANKIE', came on the car radio - just as we were pulling up to the doors of the Home!! What are the chances? We used to tease Frankie about that song. I know it was his way of letting us know he was right there with us at that very moment,  smiling one of his great big infectious smiles :-)


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M I S S I O N S    A C C O M P L I S H E D

Finding the Star in Every Child

‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’

Pablo Picasso


Starchild is committed to providing a School for Creative Arts in Uganda, and we've recently partnered with Grace primary school in Vvumba, where Frankie’s grandmother still lives, to make this dream become a reality.

Art, in all its forms is not only educational and entertaining, but above all is inspirational; it heals wounds, and can promote understanding and peace.

Not all children are academically inclined. Sadly many, who are not, are classed as having learning difficulties and can be easily pushed aside in favour of the more academically inclined child. Such children often feel isolated, lonely and become depressed. I know, because I was one of them. Very often, based in the heart of these children is an ‘artist’ or a talent that is screaming to come out. Without opportunity to express this artistic nature, the talent can lay dormant, leading to anger and frustration being vented on the world, rather than the beauty that is trapped inside.

Such children often feel that they have little or no hope of making a living because they are not so good at the three R’s and therefore feel of little use to society. With a good arts program in place, these children can begin to get back some much needed self-esteem and realise that they are of just as much value to society as a Doctor or a Lawyer.

We believe that a School for Creative Arts Centre in Uganda would attract support and interest from artists and festivals across Europe, North America and Australia. The power of arts to communicate, inspire and heal is now widely recognised. It is the area in which I have been lucky enough to have worked and spent much of my life.

Starchild believes that such a centre can have a significant impact on the lives of those it touches. International artists will learn a great deal from the Ugandan Arts and Culture which would be encouraged and promoted through this program. It will attract the attention of the international community, and as a result, encourage artists from all walks of life to visit the centre, participate and inspire the children

Starchild believes that once the project is in place it will attract funding from many sources. Starchild has artists ready and willing to work with the children, and this network could grow quickly. As part of an artist residency at the school, they will not only present to local people, but also be taking back to the West what they have learned, building understanding and, in part, acting as ambassadors of peace and healing through the arts.



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Kaddo Primary School in Vvumba, Uganda is sitting pretty now that Starchildren have provided some much needed TABLES and CHAIRS. The words of Phibi Lwere say it best...

'Hullo Michaela

God's blessings for the Donation.  You have made our dream come true by donating which we used to buy 14 tables and 45 small chairs - furniture for Nursery section.  Though the challenge is still there, we thank you very much for what you managed to donate.

On behalf of the Board of Director of Armor Foundation and that of the School, allow me to thank you.  Please convey our sincere gratitude to Starchild.'




furniture on September 2013 2


So much has been accomplised on Michaela's recent trips to Uganda. Mosquito Nets were distribited protecting children from malaria, Comic Books were given to lighten their spirits, Uniforms and Backpacks were gifted to children who had never before even dreamed of owning one, and The Taboo Challenge - For Men Only raised enough money to keep an entire highschool full of girls in classes for another year. We invite you to scroll down and witness the happiness that is being spread throughout Uganda from STARCHILD DONATIONS


Thank you for your generosity.


Starchild raised enough money to buy AFRIpads for  every girl in the school and keep them in class for an entire year! We also distrubuted comic books and backpacks for them to carry their new treasures. You can see these shy smiles for yourself.

Shy Smiles Mosquito Nets for all Mosquito Nets

With the proceeds from THE MOSQUITO NET CAMPAIGN, STARCHILD raised enough money to purchase nets for 4 schools and 1 medical clinic. We completed every room in the Lwerro Community Project!


Comic Books from the EVImalar Project at Glasgow Uni were very well received....

Comic Book Scholar Comic Books Comic Books and Backpacks Backpacks Backpacks2

Even more than uniforms - we provided these students with 150 backpacks filled with school supplies, lollipops, and soap. The joy of the children was incredible - as they could never before afford a backpack. It was a very special day for all.


See the latest video of the opening of our

Starchild School for Creative Arts